Greeting from the new QC Team!

Hi everybody,

It is time to bid adieu to the wonderful team  of ’15-’16  which has worked really hard and taken the Quiz Club,IITK to new heights. It has been a great year and we are all extremely grateful to the ex-coordinators, Amit, Samvit and Yash for guiding the club to one of its most eventful years .Be it the numerous intra-college quizzes or the fun-filled outstation journeys, this was one year we will not forget.

Welcome us, the new team ,as we come in filled with enthusiasm and a lot of plans for the new year.

Wish us luck and get prepared for another year of great quizzing!

A couple of changes to the blog.

The comments section has been removed and answer will be posted along with the question which can be accessed by pressing the Answers link present after the question.

The share button for social media has been  added to make it easy for you to share the content you like with your friends.

You can follow our every post by either adding the blog to your feed reader,following us on fb  or checking out our twitter page .We prefer you contact us via our fb page only.


QC Team